Sunday, June 28, 2015

Who's your Daddy?

Florida Enviros now Bought and Paid for?

Billionaire hedge funder and Florida Keys mansion dweller Paul Tudor Jones appears to be buying up Florida's environmental movement.

Federal tax records obtained by Southern Exposure confirm that Jones is building a Hessian Army of environmental mercenaries to attack Florida Sugar Farmers.  The tax records show a clear and convincing pattern of Wall Street style funding schemes employed by Jones through the his shell organization -- The Everglades Foundation -- to buy up the message and messengers in Florida's environmental community.

Joneses' money has made eager beaver enviros (who are hard up for cash and attention) abandon their  own fights in areas north of Lake Okeechobee in order to focus on his fight to rid Florida of Sugar Farmers south of Lake O.

Here's how it works:

  1. Jones pumps millions of his personal fortune into his organization - The Everglades Trust
  2. The Everglades Trust then showers other Florida Environmental Groups with cash (provided in large part by Jones)
  3. Those other Florida Environmental Groups then mysteriously (not) spend more and more time advocating for issues that are important the The Everglades Trust (i.e. Paul Tudor Jones) - and less time on the issues they were founded to address.

The sad part is Jones and his money are corrupting the fight to clean up the springs, and lakes, and rivers in the rest of Florida as lap dog legislators and step-n-fetchit environmentalists line up to get their pat on the head from the hedge fund billionaire.

[Source: IRS Form 990, 2009-2013]

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