Monday, April 4, 2016


"Environmental Terrorists" find 'host' organism to spread fear

'Outsider' Anglers group makes deal with leftist radicals to build membership base in Florida

For 25 years Florida's most trusted voice for anglers and sports fishermen has been the the Coastal Conservation Associaiton of Florida (CCA) - formerly known as the Florida Conservation Association (FCA)

But there's a new kid on the block in the Sunshine State - New Jersey's "Recreational Fishing Alliance" (RFA)

Headquartered in New Jersey, founded by a yacht company and funded by Bass Pro Shops and Yamaha outboard motors, the RFA is led by a serial skirt chaser with at least 2 lawsuits for sexual harassment on his resume  and a research scientist who was arrested for defrauding taxpayers by faking research.  Their claim to fame?  Leading a (so far) unsuccessful boycott of Wal-mart.

Under the guise of an "offer to help" save Florida from its own people, the RFA has jumped in bed with a network of environmental leftists, professional protesters and trust fund liberals to establish legitimacy and, more importantly, a membership base in Florida.  They are now actively engaged in recruiting members, trashing their rivals in the CCA and unwittingly pushing the views of a wacko environmental group on otherwise-occupied, hard-working, everyday Floridians.  All in a play to run Florida's Coastal Conservation Association out of business.

The playbook:  First, the RFA joined up with the militant environmental group "Bullsugar" - a group formed with the help of a hedge fund billionaire to advocate for the annihilation of agriculture in South Florida.  Then they formed (conned) a group of gullible millennial aged fishing guides and named them "Captains for Clean Water" to give their new friends' radical agenda a voice in Southwest Florida.

Next on their list (and most likely their top priority) - use all this to propel a take over of the tried, true and trusted CCA in Florida and become the new voice of of the Florida Fisherman?

Here's hoping the Florida's CCA joins the fight to save their organization and rid our state of this 'invasive species' from New Jersey before its too late.


  1. hysterical comedy! Please come for a swim in the Indian River Lagoon!

  2. Here is your terrorists. They are our fishermen, guides and tackle shops in my town. Do your research and don;t repeat useless propaganda. Your posts hurt all of us that live on the lagoon.

  3. And ya'll just figured out "DAMN YANKEE" ain't one word. My my my !!!

  4. I am a Lifetime Member of the CCA, a Lefetime Member of the IGFA, and a member of the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust and other like-minded organizations. I am a staunch conservative. I am also very supportive of both organizations you castigate in your inflammatory blog post. What specifically is "radical" about the agenda of these organizations? How specifically do you think they are trying to "take over" CCA FL? Do you know the guides and Captains who formed Captains for Clean Water? I do. And I certainly do not characterize them as "gullible" or "millennial ". These are bright, informed, hard-working Floridiams who are trying to ensure they will be able to continue providing for their families and who want to ensure that our children and grandchildren are able to enjoy Florida's rivers, bays and esturairies for decades to come. We need major change in Florida and they are doing their small part to help.

    David B. Stoots
    Plantation, Fl

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  6. what did captain obvious say? i see you got a little traction with more propagandists. wow big man

  7. i just want to shame on anyone who spreads all this propaganda. For some reason they hate the people of the treasure coast. if you hate something therapy really works! not promoting the destruction of anything. It really sick behavoir.

  8. I see you are hiding any facts about yourself Southern Exposure!!