Monday, April 18, 2016

Who are these people?

Shady Enviro Puppet Group led by odd cast of characters

Bullsugar -- one of the phony astroturf protest groups secretly founded by New York Billionaire hedge fund hustler Paul Tudor Jones to put farmers out of business - popped up out of nowhere in 2015 and left many South Floridians wondering, just who are these people?

Public records show the group is led by inherited oil and gas money, an energy company executive and . . . well . . . a criminal

Here's their background . . .

Their President is a guy named Kenny Hinkle - Here's a mugshot of Mr. Hinkle from a crime he committed just last year.  Kenny filed for Bankruptcy 4 years ago and was sued by American Express for not paying his bills in 2011.  President Hinkle was also arrested for "Violating Marine Rules and Regulations" in the Florida Keys in 2000.

Kenan Siegel, one of the group's "Directors" made a fortune in the oil and gas business.  He once owned a company called "GASAHOLIC" and had a little trouble paying his Florida taxes in 2009. Siegel owns a $2.6 million mansion in Stuart.

The other "Director," a guy named Christopher Maroney, was a former executive with California energy giant SEMPRA ENERGY.

You will excuse us, bullsugar, if we don't take our environmental advice from puppets, criminals and polluters.

[Sources:  Florida Department of State - Division of Corporations, Martin County Clerk of Court, Martin County Property Appraiser and Monroe County Clerk of Court]


  1. Talk about shady people. Who the hell are you and how much is big sugar paying you for the cheap smear campaign? You will lose eventually, even if only when the sea rises and you can no longer grow sugar.

  2. This article is informative and these things need to be brought to the public's attention.

  3. How do you go from gas and oil executives to environmentalists? Sounds like Bullsugar is Bullshit!

  4. glad to see this! kenny hinkle and his cronies are SUCH crooks!

  5. What has nearly killed the estuary is a lack of stormwater treatment, septic tanks and 60-year-old sewage pipelines leaking under our streets. Experimenting and wasting more time and money will doom the lagoon.

  6. It's really saddening the depths to which people will sink when money is involved. All the Fanjuls care about is preserving their corporate welfare. And U.S. Sugar, now controlled by the Mott Foundation ... the irony is hard to swallow. They fund all kinds of clean water projects in the Great Lakes area but turn a blind eye to the obvious solution in the Everglades.
    As for the writer of this blog ... I assume you're a free-market capitalist, pro-business, maybe a Libertarian or even an objectivist. Consider how sugar even exists in Florida and ask yourself if that jibes with your beliefs. For me, it is a disgrace, and spreading lies to cover up the slavish devotion to a couple of wealthy individuals at the expense of the rest of the state is beyond despicable.

    1. You sir are a shill for the greedy wall street entreprenuer.

  7. How many of you dumb mf been to the glades. Yea I thought so. Got your info from the news lol really what you think these rich ass fucks r going to with that land. Fill it with concrete. Thats y they play dumb on the water. They r the first to invest. Do you have any idea how much food the glades provide for the rest of the country not only sugar on that same land. Speak when you pay a visit to the glades. when you put that glades sugar in your coffee I bet you dont think about the environment.

  8. Popped up out of nowhere? Get your head out of the sand! Our rivers are suffering and our families are suffering! These groups exist because we want the fresh water discharges to stop. The only way this can happen is If the water is allowed to flow South again. Unfortunately this cannot happen because big sugar occupies this land.

  9. sugar is the bane of western health, rid our country of it once and for all.